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Travis Senn

Life Sciences Communication 314 - Intro to Video Production

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When brainstorming themes and ideas for my project, I continually found myself returning to my passion (nature) and my talents (visual arts). I decided it would be best to showcase my skills through work I had done. I compiled my work into a video resume that displayed what I was capable of, while providing a voiceover narrative detailing both where I came from and where I'm going.

Growing up on a small dairy farm in rural Wisconsin, I developed an appreciation and admiration for all the beauties of nature - an appreciation that became apparent when I left nature behind for school in the city. However, the city-life did foster my passion and talent for creating strong visual media through photography and videography in my Communication Arts major. Unfortunately, being away from the farm without any ties to the outdoors really left me in limbo; I felt like I didn't belong. Switching to Life Sciences Communication has allowed me to blend my love of nature and passion for digital media. I have developed great communication skills and a passion for creating digital media throughout my courses and extracurricular works.

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  1. I absolutely love the photo at the top, with the hay bale. I grew up in the country and now find myself living in the city. It's hard to focus when we don't have the chance to become "one with nature" sometimes. I believe that we all need that down time, that time in nature to reflect and relax. Your work helps someone like me, who cannot go there in person. Thank you!

    Arnette Rivers @ Choice TV